Elevate Your Customer Engagement

Digital Engagement Platform


We Specialize In Lending Engagement

Connect, Engage, Thrive: Where Every Interaction Counts!

Text Messaging

"Text Your Way to Success: Fast, Secure, and Convenient Lending at Your Fingertips!"


Swipe, Tap, Done: Effortless Fee Payments, Anytime, Anywhere!


"Their Voice, Your Blueprint: Shaping Better Lending with Every Review!"

Custom Document Workflows

Customize on the Go: Seamless Documents, Simplified Mobile Experience!

SMS Workflows

"Text to Transform: Simple SMS Workflows, Smooth Borrower Journeys!"

Web Server

"Empower Your Integration: Seamless API Creation with Our Web Server Solution!"

Limitless Possibilities

Dedicated Web Server to Meet All Your Needs

Fully customizable Web server that provides Text Messaging, Credit Card capture of loan fees, Reviews and Surveys to know how your brand is performing. 

Instant Communications, Convenience, High Engagement, Efficiency and Personalization

No more chasing loan fees.  Our Payments module provides speed, security, Improved Customer Experience and full accounting options.

Know exactly how your brand is performing - all throughout the lending life cycle.

Credit Inquiry LOX, Large Deposit LOX, Cash Out LOX and General LOX documents delivered via text message and completed via mobile device.  All electonically signed and posted back to Encompass┬«