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Are You Forcing Your Clients to Pay Loan Fees via a Check?
What is this the 1990's?

Data Protection Service

Smart Payment Link

Ability to send customer a smart, secured payment link via your LOS.  Customer reviews fees and has ability to pay via Credit Card or PayPal.  No personal card data is ever sent to your company. 256 bit encrypted and fully compliant.

Powerful Hosting Service

Accept Credit Card Payments

Accepting credit card payments for your products or services is a virtual requirement.  

  • Get your loan fees paid faster (i.e. appraisal)
  • Send payment requests inside your LOS or via our portal
  • Mobile ready - pay on any device, any where, any time
  • Send payment reminders to borrowers
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Dashboard / Reports

Full dashboard and reporting available. Ability to see which customers have paid and who are still outstanding. Ability to manage customers from our admin portal including sending payment reminders if payments not paid.

Credit Card & PayPal

Stop making your customers pay via check

Are you being handcuffed by your current LOS?  It's almost 2023 and you are still forcing your customers to pay loan fees by a check.  Does anyone still have checks?  Send payment requests both manually and automagically based on any field trigger rule inside of Encompass®.  Your borrower receives a secured link and they input their payment details keeping those details private and secured.

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Payments are made directly from the customer, no need for your staff to ask for personal credit card details.

Never miss a chance to increase customer satisfaction
Safe, secured, complaint process with full audit reporting
Works with all mobile, desktop devices, anytime - anywhere


Powerful Hosting Service

Data Security & Reporting

Our portal gateway is fully secured with 256 bit encryption and complaint.  We never keep any credit card numbers, Ever!  Client is responsible for entering their own data keeping your employees removed from the transaction.  Full audit reporting with UI dashboard views and maintenance.  


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